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List of resolved issues (293 issues resolved)

ID Long Summary
207 Graphics arent exported correctly
425 [ SD ] Associating Actions to Classes, Operations and Signals [& message and stimulus]
524 Add user name to every element created as tagged value
549 Enumeration datatypes should be represented on the class diagram
609 [gef]Menu entry Arrange > Align > Align to Grid problems
954 Allow adding a method to an operation
977 Drop "class association perspective" from Explorer
1025 Multiplicity should allow more complex entries
1321 Implement modellisteners for figs correctly
1423 FigComment is not compliant to fig architecture
1588 Towards Fig's being deleted by receiving the NSUML removed() event.
1625 Permission shows import stereotype twice
1641 Explorer option for creating diagrams from elements
1671 extra <searchpath> added every time project is saved
1740 Poor performance when receiving events in diagrams
1806 Scrolling does not cancel editing mode
1884 view todo-items by poster: selected item deselected by argo
1942 Enhance ArgoUML by support for Model, Subsystem, ElementImport
2046 tab selection changes unnecessary - annoying
2066 CrAlreadyRealizes: Several mistakes in description
2117 Adding Generalizations, Specializations, Dependencies, and Operations to datatypes is impossible
2144 Use Case property tab: Operations are not listed
2145 Use Case Property Tab: Attributes are not listed
2168 property panel send action doesn't have signal
2225 Allow the user to create diagrams without selecting a classifier/operation
2233 ActivityGraph & Activity Diagram have same icon in explorer
2325 Replace UMLAction by Cmd or Action
2400 Toolbelt buttons don't create new elements when dragged and released
2405 Displaying a diagram should not call general method setOwner()
2410 Moving model elements to sub-package cause explorer to collapse view
2460 [Java] Missing label on radiobuttons in Import Sources -> Java
2472 Wrong keyboard focus in Settings dialog after close & reopen
2487 Click diagram background to select diagram
2500 Find does not find anything that is not on a diagram
2522 Initial Value should not be combo
2618 Editing association rolename adds +, ++, +++
2694 Export Component Contents in XMI
2698 CTRL-clicking a comment can clear it
2712 [CD] AssociationRole name should be hidden rather than show "/:"
2713 [CD] AssociationRole is created with null name, and generation should handle that
2732 Style tab: Not responsive to incorrect contents
2745 Can not unlink comments
2804 Context menu occurs only after selection
2950 Create persistence package/subsystem
2976 Use FigDiamond
3048 Fork name not displayed
3100 new package or class shown with funny name in explorer
3119 Method proppanel should show allOperations, isQuery, visibility, ownerScope
3145 switching off multiple adding for a diagram tool by clicking on it does still add one more item
3156 PHP generator doesn't respect PHP5 type hinting
3164 Entering an internal transition via PropPanel does not update state
3184 Moving figs using keyboard doesn't enable the save-button status
3197 Implement CallState
3200 Doesn't seem to allow you to create a State Diagram without a pre-existing class diagram
3261 Drop jmi.jar from base argouml
3283 Bulleted list PDF formatting problems
3284 Stereotype & name vertical spacing incorrect for Component after save/load
3287 Update Cookbook for Eclipse 3.1
3294 Wrong export to eps and ps
3363 Complete the ObjectFlowState implementation: state, dashed line
3375 PropPanelObjectFlowState is missing field for the state of the object
3400 Graphics saved as postscript file is distorted
3420 Update casading delete for UML 1.3 to UML 1.4 changes
3425 Projects containing AssociationClass won't autoload
3436 Tests for model.CoreFactory know implementation details
3467 "Windows" key creates bogus 0xFFFF element name
3471 Tests for create aren't restricted to public Model interface
3498 Diagram name removed from application title bar
3531 New value for "Initial value" not retained when new attribute created
3591 Facade.getBaseClass should return String
3592 InvalidObjectException while working on deleted ModelElement
3598 Problem While Saving.
3619 Self association invisible after Add to Diagram
3630 Update tests to use UML 1.4 metamodel
3631 Perspectives settings should be included in settings menu
3643 Allow delete from model on FigEdgeNote
3645 Edges that connect to other edges should be saved last
3648 Z order is not maintained over save/load
3665 Activity Diagram drop not properly constrained
3679 Remove RE NSUML setResidence workaround
3680 AssociationEnd visibility should be set independently of ModelElement
3684 Edges move without instruction
3693 Can't run argouml after building
3711 Strip diagrams from poseidon *.xmi file
3718 ModelElements not saved unless contained in Model
3759 Missing attributes in Exported XMI
3773 Usability: tree should not be closed when switching perspectives
3774 Do not set namespace of Model when adding to diagram
3779 Java Web Start doesn't upgrade automatically
3790 Exception when saving to a readonly directory
3792 operation for callevents in statemachines is not saved
3795 Backspace key causes symbols to appear in text
3800 Building argouml-mdr from within the argouml project doesn't work
3803 Direct entry into text fields on drawings results in doubled first character
3804 Deletion of comment contents when moving objects with cursors (or double clicking over them)
3812 Exception opening project - FigCommentPort class not found
3817 Junction does not show name
3823 Using the broom does not set the needsave flag
3836 Wrong fill color for states
3848 Allow generalizing datatypes on diagram
3882 Transitions names are not refreshed
3889 Default profile incorrect for UML 1.4
3891 At Text Areas, the option No Fill doesn't work
3892 TagDefinitions take any Stereotype
3895 Exception in TabTaggedValues
3911 Incorrect use of "Remove" in popup menu for action arguments
3912 Deleting argument of an action does not hide it
3916 NewOperation and NewAtribute do not show tooltips
3918 differing edit field properties for Transition Guard Expression
3921 Reopen last saved should be reopen last
3923 Problem importing Poseidon activity diagrams from XMI
3928 Profile loaded twice at startup
3929 NPE in getStereotypes after profile load fails
3934 NPE & hang at startup if profile path has no directory
3937 Allow modules to to be specified in system property
3938 Toolbar button backgrounds wrong when using Java 5 L&F
3940 App menu incorrectly named "org.argouml.application.Main"
3941 App menu About item incorrectly reads About org.argouml.application.Main
3942 App menu About item brings up generic Java about box
3943 Dock icon should be the ArgoUML one, not the generic Java one.
3945 Exception assigning an operation to a callevent
3947 bad behaviour in sequence diagrams when remove simple states or call actions
3949 title bar text is out of step with view
3954 stereotypes not displayed for classifier roles
3955 display inconsistency for classifier roles
3961 Dev module cannot be turned off
3962 Specification on Reception prop panel is too small
3967 Doesn't start with remote terminal software on JRE5
3971 Move MDR stuff into the argouml project
3974 Methods and properties not updated in class diagrams
3976 NullPointerException when loading project
3977 Error in loading zargo and uml models
3980 Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ArithmeticException: / by zero
3994 Operation not updated on the diagram
3995 Remove save events from StylePanelFig*
3996 Exception is raised while loading project
4000 Cleanup Properties Tab (important options occluded)
4001 Project saved by 0.18 can't be loaded in .20
4003 Classes not sizing correctly
4004 Classfile can't build in Xenofarm
4005 Make activity graph context assignment easier
4006 ERROR: Exception occured during save attempt (ZargoFilePersister.java:212)
4007 Exception when deleting other diagram
4008 CG/RE should not fire needs save events
4011 ChangeEvent proppanel lacks expression field
4016 Project fails to load
4018 Write presave repair methods
4019 Save project dialog should remember what was loaded
4021 [xsl]Remove hrefs from CommentEdge
4024 Exception when deleting from model object with loop
4025 Check boxes not working on stereotypes popup
4037 Excessive redraws in some diagrams in CVS version (regression from 0.20)
4038 Exception deleting AssociationClass
4040 clicking "add attribute" button doesn't always update diagram
4041 enable "show initial value" in preferences doesn't work correctly in class diagram display
4043 Names of states disappear when project is loaded
4046 change in attribute doesn't always update class diagram
4048 cannot add tagged values to initial state
4049 Updating the role phrase of an association on a diagram does not update the connections pane
4050 The F2 key does not work any more
4063 NullPointerException when drawing edge between 2 nodes
4064 Better feedback to users on available shortcuts to actions available on a diagram
4065 Can't delete links from comment
4066 Newline is entered in name string
4067 Spurious stereotype compartment warnings
4071 Send actions does not allow specification of signal
4072 Caption missing for script and recurrence items in actions
4074 UML 1.3 upgrade XSLT doesn't handle TaggedValues without xmi.ids
4078 Operation box in CallAction proppanel is too small
4079 Exception occured in Activity Graph
4085 Exception adding deferrable event in Action State
4088 Exception creating classifierrole
4092 X position of lifelines lost on save/load
4097 Don't allow UML Methods on Interfaces
4098 UUID behavior broken
4100 Exception in UMLModelElementListModel2 when deleting
4101 The button in UMLComboBoxNavigator is initially downlighted
4102 Model data never cleared
4103 Exception when deleting transition
4104 Error loading project.
4105 Automatic (one click) realisation of interfaces.
4108 Redundant <XMI.header> in XMI file
4110 Duplicate BooleanExpression on Extends causes project corruption
4114 Exception loading sample UML models
4115 NullPointerException in StylePanelFig
4116 Exception occured in ModelManagementHelperMDRImpl
4117 Exception painting FigAssociation
4119 "a source port must be supplied" exception from FigEdge.setSourcePortFig()
4120 cmd-a (select all) inserts character in Fig
4121 upgrading from v0.18.1 to v0.20.0
4123 Drag-and-drop calls canAddEdge with non-edge
4129 ActionState notation not updated on Activity Graph
4130 Exception when startng new project with Node selected
4133 Autoload fails with exception in FigAssociation
4134 Document the actual value or the constant for Multiplicity *
4136 [xsl]AssociationClasses corrupt on reload
4137 Stereotype Proppanel should show field for extendedElements
4141 ArgoUML throws a NullPointerException when trying to load a project
4146 Deployment Component Graphics Chopped Off
ID Long Summary
4148 Specification missing from Operation property panel
4151 Assertion thrown when loading project
4155 File Save overwrites without confirmation
4159 I'm running Fedora Core 5 & getting NullPointerException
4160 Unable to open ArgoUML project
4161 start/stop event pump broken
4162 checklist uses <attribute> where it should use <class>
4163 Exception at File->New for a project only containing one class
4167 Navigation of large models very slow
4173 Deleting element while editing tagged values causes exceptions
4176 Modules for other languages missing
4178 Allow commentedes to be removed from the proppanel
4179 Exception when trying to load a previously saved .zargo file
4180 Stereotype on Package Fig is deformed after reload
4181 Drawing associationclass broken
4182 Crash due to InvalidObjectException: Object with MOFID ... no longer exists.
4183 Build of documentation fails to download docbook xsl
4186 FigEdgeModelElement.paintClarifiers() is never called
4190 Crash when loading project file
4193 NoSuchElementException when opening project file
4200 Activity diagrams vanish in a new Package
4205 Exception when trying to add stereotype to associationend
4207 Open file fails with ClassCastException
4209 Figs of owned elements are not deleted
4220 bad class operations refresh
4222 Operation and argument names refresh incorrectly
4226 Project open fails with NullPointerException in GeneratorPHP4
4227 Changing notation settings does not update diagram
4228 NoSuchElementException loading FigJoinState in State Diagram
4229 operation selected for a call event is not remeber in activity diagram
4231 Open exception - Cannot find context namespace while initializing activity diagram
4233 Changing attribute types to an array doesn't work
4237 Diagram should remove themselves on delete event of their owners
4242 duplicate code in PersistenceManager.getPersisterFromFileName()
4243 Cannot open AndroMDA xmi file
4245 Repaint exception when creating sequence diagram
4246 Another InvalidObjectException when deleting
4248 Wrap all internal JMI exceptions with Model subsystem exception
4250 TargetManager should be listending for Delete events from model
4251 One of the tests in TestProject are failing
4256 Impossible to delete classifierRole from the model
4260 Removing edge part of an association class does not remove node
4262 Exception draw association from association class
4263 Corrupt project after removing association class
4264 Dubious remove method in FigNodeAssociation
4265 java.util.NoSuchElementException when trying to load (big) project
4266 Delete from model not enabled
4267 Failing test case org.argouml.ui.GUITestProjectBrowser
4269 Unhandled exceptions ignored or printed to console instead of logged
4271 Exception when deleting comment edge
4272 InvalidElementException in Checklist
4273 Remove hierarchy of delete events
4274 Very slow load of a project after small modifications
4275 Unable to read my zargo file
4276 InvalidObjectException when deleting 2 classes at once
4279 InvalidElementException when setting notation language on project load
4280 wrong behavior when saving to an unavailable media
4281 Deleting the context of a StateMachine should not delete the StateMachine
4282 CompositionViolation from Parameter in SignalEvent
4285 No i18n for tooltip of "Select Tool" on diagram toolbar
4286 Cannot add Classifier Role
4288 InvalidElementException after remove elements at sequence diagrams
4289 Deleting classifier role does not remove fig
4291 Failure to load pre-existing project
4298 Move the View-Notation menu-item to the file menu
4302 <<null>> stereotype in the sequence diagram
4306 Building only documentation fails
4309 Load fails with ConcurrentModificationException in FigCompartment
4310 IllegalStateException building FigAssociation called from PGMLStackParser
4313 Can't load CommentEdges
4316 Exception when drawing association end
4317 Exception when deleting association end
4319 IllegalArgumentException reverse engineering GEF
4321 Selecting a Fig enables save action
4322 Can't open a project twice
4324 Wrong default extension while saving
4325 Untranslated strings in Critic* classes
4326 Reordered edges attached to edges won't load
4330 Exception in "Send email to expert"
4333 Namespace combo badly sized
4335 n-ary association throws exception
4342 Delete from model does not enable "Save Project"
4347 Complete support for Guillemots setting
4349 Activity Diagram not refreshed after deletion of a Action State
4354 Errors on Deployment Diagram
4362 Exception thrown drawing generalization
4363 Dashed transitions do not persist
4364 Dragging association onto diagram creates n-ary diamond
4366 NPE when opening project
4367 deleting call self action throws InvalidElementException and makes Argo unstable
4371 Stackoverflow when deleting associationrole
4372 Endless loop when deleting commentedge
4391 FTBFS: build.xml call ../src/model/build.xml which does not exist
4392 FTBFS: argouml/src/model-mdr/build.xml does not exist

293 issues found